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Monday, November 7, 2011

Creativity Is In The Air

Recently, I have noticed that Carpenter students have been talking a lot about art. I recently walked down the hall and over heard students talking about their work and trying to find their friends. They were discussing their color choices and placement of objects. They were first graders. I am so proud of them!

Also, I have noticed an increase of compliments in the art room from one student to another. It is great to see that art is bringing our students together. I think this is why Carpenter students are so creative. I can not wait to see wait they achieve next.

I was recently asked if my assignments are open ended. I do set parameters that students have to have in their work but their are no two piece that are exactly alike. This proves that students are using their creative problem solving and skills.


Kindergardeners went on a Field Trip to the Apple Orchard this Fall. The first project is apple prints on a  contemporary print students made.

Pumpkins were inspired by the book Spookley the Pumpkin.

Construction is a large part of the Science curriculum in Kindergarden. Piet Modrian is great for teaching students how lines intersect and overlap.

Since this Fall has provided us with so much color I was able to show students how collecting leaves can  be a great Science project. We have painted, printed and done rubbing of leaves. The following painting was inspired to help students cut out a tree trunk and sponge paint leaves. If you look closely the trunk is like a long arm with fingers.

We did a abstract piece inspired by Paul Klee. These are amazing! Look at the color.

We are currently working on Owl Pine Cones and will be finishing a Where the Wild Things Are collage.

1st Grade

Students made warm and cool color pastel drawings of leaves. We discussed how leaves change from green to yellow, orange, red and eventually brown. Students learned that yellow, orange and red are hidden underneath the green and almost like a clock the tree knows when to sleep. 

Also, students learned how to draw a Maple Leaf and show the colors they saw in their own leaf.

Next students made collage owls after hearing the story The Owl Moon.

2nd Grader

Students learned about the Aboriginals of Australian and their legend of the Sea Serpent. Students created a snake that had native symbols on the serpent's body. These symbols are a pictograph of a map. Students were able to create a story about the travel of their serpent or person.

There are quite a few of these hanging in the office. Please check them out if you have time.

Students had a great time talking about fossils and creating a Dinosaur World. They drew the animals on black paper and cut them out. Students used the scraps to create rocks and volcano. Some rocks look like the Dinosaurs broke through. 

3rd Grade

The Mummy Cases are done and are in Carpenter's Library. Thank you Mrs. Burau for letting me display them. Students worked hard on these and each one has the students' name on it in Hieroglyphs. 

The Inuit Owl Legends are almost complete. Students have combined an owl with another animal to create a new animal as well as a story that tells us how it came to be. Students used their knowledge of the Oak Tree and Owl Pellet Units to help them create their paintings and stories. 

Mrs. Cook's Oak Tree

4th Grade

Students are learning about natures recyclers. The Hundertwasser Towers show how an architect reuses the land he built on by adding that green space to the roof. Students work is below.

The Scarab or Dung Beetle is also a recycler as it recycle waste of other animals. As students learned the Dung Beetles save the US Cattle Industry about $300 million a year in disposing of cattle waste. Students did an amazing job.

Students will start work inspired by Ted Harrison next week.

5th Grade

Student finished their Hundertwasser Towers as well.

Since 5th Graders are learning Spanish and learning about the body the Dia los de Muertos seemed like a great lesson to teach. 

The next lesson will be Oaxacan Clay Animals.