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Thursday, April 24, 2014

November- December Third Grade

Students made their own sarcophagus which include the hieroglyphs. Their names are in hieroglyphs underneath.

Each year we do a self portrai project in each grade. The Third Graders made their in an egyptian style. 

The clay project is based on the work of Frank Llyod Wright. Students created a tile that represented their family. Each circle or shape represents a family member.

November- December Second Grade

Second Grade students were very interested in the Mexican Skulls that the Fifth Graders were doing. Since they were interested I allowed them to try it. They did an excellent job.

Rock and fossils are a theme of Second Grade Science. Students observed and drew trilobites. They needed to make 3 in different sizes.

Aboriginal art was found on the walls of caves many years ago and is considered to be one of the oldest form of communication- Visual Arts. The Aboriginal Snake work using the Aboriginal symbols to tell a story of traveling.

November- December First Grade

Students in First Grade learn about weather and seasons. After their visit to the University of Michigan Museum of Art they created Indian inspired Mehrabs. They made the paper through printing and the assembly of the doorways were well done.

I read the book Owl Moon and showed them different artists who use collage to create. I showed the work by Henri Matisse and Eric Carle.

Where the Wild Things Are From became the inspiration for this project. Students taught each other how to draw.

Students learn about motion as well. I read Giraffes Can't Dance. We discussed the the animals in the book especially the cricket since students would be doing a scientific illustration of one.

Students were able to make a Fall Landscape using a crayon resist. They seasoned their work by crumpling it. 

The clay project students created were owls with patterns on them. They were able to chose either warm or cool colors.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

November- December Kindergarten

Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons was the inspiration for this project. Students learned about numbers, counting and subtraction.

Student created a gumball machine with 25 gumballs that cost 25 cents each. Their image was based on the work of Wayne Thiebaud.

I read the story Action Jackson to the students and than they made artwork using Hot Wheels cars. Great fine motor skills project.

We looked at using construction to make snowmen and how working together can be useful. I read The Biggest Snowman.

We talked about warm and cool colors. Students learned that warm colors are yellow, orange and red. The learned that cool colors are blue, green and purple. They applied this knowledge by creating the following work based on Kandinsky's Circles.

I read Mice on Ice. Students created a collage of the book using the cat on ice in the background. We discussed landscape having 3 parts: foreground, middle ground and back ground.

 The Kindergarden students made pinch pots. I surprised them by placing a marble in the bottom that melted to create a glass bottom.