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Friday, January 25, 2013

1st Grade Weather Tour at the University of Michigan Museum of Art

Students from all 4 of Carpenter's 1st Grade classes had the opportunity to tour the University of Michigan Museum of Art. The tour was based on the science curriculum and the unit Weather. Students were lead through the galleries by very informative and kind docents. The docents encouraged students to view different pieces of art, find weather in it and use their art and science vocabulary to describe what the saw in the image.

Students looked at statues, painting and textiles. Students were able to discuss the different types of clouds: cirrus, cumulus and stratus. They used their knowledge of weather to predict season's and time of the year. We saw paintings that were overcast, stormy, and sunny. Even the light in the museum reflected the weather outside as the clouds moved across the translucent dome in the atrium.

Thank you to the 1st Grade Teacher, students and chaperones. I look forward to doing Weather Art with my students. We just finished our Snake Wind Charmer. Students were able to predict if it was windy by whether the snakes spins or does not spin. We will fly our Owl Kites in the Spring.

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