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Thursday, August 8, 2013

5th Grade- End of the Year

I will really miss this class. I know that I have only had them since 3rd Grade but they are by far the sweetest group of 5th Graders. I really enjoyed their enthusiasm and engagement.

Students had the opportunity to draw, paint and collage their instrument based on the work of Romare Bearden. Upon viewing one of the instruments paintings in the Ann Arbor District Library Show a little girl commented on how she felt she could hear the music coming for the saxophones.

The King and Queens of 5th Grade always make me smile. Georges Rouault fauvist and impressionistic portraits were the inspiration for these pieces.

5th Graders make masks every year. I show them a PPT of masks around the world and we discuss why they made and what they are used for. Like the African Mask drawing their 3D masks had to have  a purpose and reflect something about them.

Students had the opportunity to make Icosohedrons. Their 20 sided sphere needed to have a theme but how they drew it was up to them. I had many examples of illustrators and students had access to the computer.

I will miss this class.

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