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Saturday, November 23, 2013

1st Grade Weather Tour at UMMA

Mrs. Brower's and Ms. Maciag's 1st Grade classes went to the University of Michigan's Museum of Art on Tuesday November 19, 2014. While at the UMMA students toured the museum through the lens of weather. Weather is a 1st Grade Science Unit.

Students were engaged in Mr. Ed's iPad display of weather that included a song "What's The Weather Today."

Ms. Maciag students finding the desert painting interesting.

Max Ernst, At the Crossroads, 1955.

Ms. Maciag's students making clouds.

Watching the Interactive Table from above.
Wooden statue from Africa.
Ms. Maciag;s students long for the summer days in the Hammock Reader by Milton Avery.

Mrs. Brower's student happy at the end of the tour.

Ms. Maciag students taking a rest in the European Gallery.

The Interactive Table.

Mrs. Brower's class getting ready to strike a pose.

Helen Frankenthaler, Sunset Corner, 1969.

Ganesh, Unknown.

Thank you to the UMMA docents, Ms. Maciag, Mrs. Brower and all the parents who helped. Carpenter 1st Grader were awesome. I am so proud of their behavior.

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