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Thursday, April 24, 2014

November- December First Grade

Students in First Grade learn about weather and seasons. After their visit to the University of Michigan Museum of Art they created Indian inspired Mehrabs. They made the paper through printing and the assembly of the doorways were well done.

I read the book Owl Moon and showed them different artists who use collage to create. I showed the work by Henri Matisse and Eric Carle.

Where the Wild Things Are From became the inspiration for this project. Students taught each other how to draw.

Students learn about motion as well. I read Giraffes Can't Dance. We discussed the the animals in the book especially the cricket since students would be doing a scientific illustration of one.

Students were able to make a Fall Landscape using a crayon resist. They seasoned their work by crumpling it. 

The clay project students created were owls with patterns on them. They were able to chose either warm or cool colors.

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