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Saturday, May 3, 2014

January- February Third Grade

Inspired by Mark Franz's Blue Horse, Third Graders made horse paintings. It is also the Chinese Year of the Horse.

Third Grader had a unique opportunity to work together on this project that is called The Exquisite Body by Andre Breton one of the founders of the Surrealist Movement. This process of creating is a collaboration between 3 students. This is a collaboration with me and 2 other students.

Each student received a piece of paper folded into thirds. On the top each student drew a head of an African Animal or an African Mask. Next they passed their paper to another student who drew their body and they drew a body on another. They exchange for a third paper in which they drew tails of legs. In the end the person who drew the head was tho owner of the piece and they added details.

Third Graders study prism and the effect of light passing through an object. We discussed refraction and how all the colors are present. Below are examples of work inspired by an unknown artist.

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