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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Welcome the Year of the Dragon.

This week at Carpenter students created dragons to celebrate the Chinese New Year. As an Art Teacher I could not have asked for a better subject to do with my students. Not only was it creative but each student created their own dragon. They are all awesome!


In Kindergarden students made a dragon head and tail with a red streamer in between. Students took this work home but I will post pictures Monday. Students worked hard at coloring, folding and cutting these dragons.

First Grade

The First Grade students created a dragon mask that was symmetrical. They started with a simple modified heart shape for the face. The details of the face were their creations. They had lots of fun and it shows.

Second Grade

Students is Second Grade looked at a drawing of a dragon and used it as inspiration for their masks. Students chose either warm or cool colors. Their dragons were either fire or water dragons.

Third Grade

The Third Graders made mask as well inspired by a simple dragon drawing. The made their masks either fire or water dragons. All masks show how students understand the concepts of symmetry and design.

Third Graders also made a drawing of a dragon following a step-by-step instruction sheet. They worked a lot with proportions and details. They are impressive.

Fourth Grade

Students in Fourth Grade made Chinese Opera masks. They were able to create a design inside the face that told a story. Again they had to be aware of symmetry. Their color choices and designs are their own.

Fifth Grade

The Fifth Graders made a dragon mask inspired by another simple drawing. Students used warm or cool colors. Students showed symmetry in their work as well.

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