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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lots of New Art


Students in Kindergarden made lots of hearts for February. Below are samples of their work. The hearts were inspired by the Artist Jim Dine.

In Kindergarden "Family" is a theme that they explore. Below you will find their "Robot Families."

"The Body" is another theme explored. In art I read Germs Are Not For Sharing. Students created their very own germs. They also learned about symmetry.

In Kindergarden they talk about one's self. For this theme they created self-portraits.

Next we will be focussing on Pets.

First Grade

First Graders do scientific drawings of crickets, snails and goldfish. They were able to practice in the Art Room before they drew in their Scientific Journal in the classroom.

One First Grade Class was inspired by Matisse's Goldfish Bowl. They created their artwork with colored pencils and watercolor.

First Graders also learn about motion. I read Giraffes Can't Dance and they created a giraffe. This story also has a cricket in it and tied back to their scientific drawing.

Verdi was read to the students and they made their own snake. We discussed camouflage and predators. Students made a habitat for their snakes as well. Pictures will be posted soon.

Second Grade

Second Grade Students learned about the Artist George Rodrigue. The created their own Blue Dogs. They learned about tints and shades.

Second Graders listen to Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle and created their own seascape which included a foreground, middle ground and background. We did a wet on wet watercolor technique to get the background.

Students will be finishing up their work based on Chameleon's Colors soon.

Third Grade

For Third Grade student looked at the work by Alex Beard. Students had to create their  peacocks feather by making a pattern in colored pencil and than they needed to paint with either warm or cool colors to complete the picture.

Third Graders also drew doors with pastel. These doors were created to open and have each students' poem inside the frame. Their doors had to be symmetrical and have a balance of colors They did a wonderful job.

Third Graders study light and how light acts as it goes through a prism. The following paintings are their interpretations. Each one was created so that the picture only had triangles. Also, same colors could not touch. More to come.

They will be finishing up their calligraphs soon.

Fourth Grade

Fourth Graders created their very own Unicorn Tapestries. They were given a piece of paper with a piece of fabric attached to it. They had to create a scene that followed the patterns of the fabric as well as the colors. More to come.

Students are currently working on their own weaving. We created looms and students are learning warp and weft. Their work is in progress.

Students learned about the Elements and Principles of Design. They made images of based on Keith Herring to show lines, shapes, balance and rhythm. 

 Fourth Graders learned about Georgia O'Keeffe and abstract art. They choose a flower and created a pattern.

Fifth Grade

Fifth Graders made amazing instrument art inspired by Romare Bearden. Each students drew the instrument that they play and created a collage to balance their image.

Fifth Graders will be finishing their tesselations and their King or Queen inspired by Georges Rouault.

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