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Sunday, March 4, 2012

African Inspiration


Kindergarteners made African Masks. They used their cutting skill to add details and make fringe. They turned out great.

First Graders

First Graders make African Masks as well. They learned about symmetry and color balance. The finished their masks by adding traditional dots to their designs and weaving in the a traditional pattern.

Second Grade

Second Grade students created African Masks inspired by African American Artist Lois Mailou-Jones. Each mask used color to emphasize the design

Third Grade

Third Grade students also made African Masks inspired by the African American Artist Lois Mailou- Jones.

They also made Andikra prints for NAAPID.

Fourth Grade

The Fourth Grade students made African Animal Masks. They were inspired to make a mask of an animal native to Africa.

Fourth Graders also did Andrinka symbols.

Fifth Grade 

The Fifth Grade students were inspired by samples of traditional African Masks. Their masks are AMAZING. Student were instructed to draw an outline of the mask with white chalk on black 12x18 paper. Here is the work in progress:

Here is the finished work of some students.

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