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Saturday, March 30, 2013

4th Grade

The Fourth Grade classes come to the Art Room once a week for an hour. Although I do not have them for Humanities I do use some of the concepts in the work I have them create. Below you will find the students' work.

The first project was inspired by Hundertwasser who was an Eco-Architect from Austria who designed houses and buildings in a way that they did not impact the environment. For instance he would replace the ground space he used for his buildings by adding it to the rooftop in the form of parks and gardens.

The 4th Graders have also completed an Art Project inspired by the Tinga Tinga art of Africa. The artist Sarange who does Tinga Tinga and Masai art made some incredible drawings and the students used his inspiring designs to create their own family portrait.

The students in 4th Grade will be studying about The Watery Earth. Students created thier own Japanese Koi paintings.

The Scarab or Dung Beetle is also a recycler as it recycle waste of other animals. As students learned the Dung Beetles save the US Cattle Industry about $300 million a year in disposing of cattle waste. Students did an amazing job.

The Positive and Negative Space lesson had students cut out shapes and designs to see what they could create. Students were surprised by their creations. Below are a few.

Fourth Grade students were introduced to Frank Stella, a Native Detroit Artist. Students used a protractor to create their designs. No erasers were allowed in the creation of these images. Students had to plan their designs. They traced their protractors so they would overlap but stopped where they would cut into another protractor. They did a great job.

It is the Year of the Snake or Serpent in China. Each class did a snake to celebrate the year. 4th Graders did a Zentangle design on their snake. The concept of Zentangle design is that it can be meditative. Enjoy.

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