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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fourth Grade: September- October

Fourth Graders have Art for a or a 1 hour session for more traditional Art and a 38 minute session for a Humanities Art class that integrates their Social Studies and Science with Art. This year the Common Core expectations of Math and Literature will also be integrated into their Art class.

Hundertwasser Buildings

The first project was inspired by Hundertwasser who was an Eco-Architect from Austria who designed houses and buildings in a way that they did not impact the environment. For instance he would replace the ground space he used for his buildings by adding it to the rooftop in the form of parks and gardens.

Koi Fish

The students in 4th Grade will be studying about The Watery Earth. Students created their own Japanese Koi paintings. We discussed how non-native species can threaten the environment as well as native species. 


Hubbard Street Dance Chicago

Last year Ms. Machida (retired Music Teacher) and I earned the DTE School of the Year for Arts Integration. In honor of us receiving this award we were given free tickets to a UMS performance. The performance our 3rd and 4th Graders saw was The Hubbard Street Dance Chicago. It was amazing. The images that are below are drawing the students did after the performance. The drawing mannequins were put in different dance poses. The background was inspired by Marc Chagall's American Windows which was used for inspiration for the performance. 

American Windows were created to celebrate the country as a place of cultural and religious freedom, dealing with the arts: music, painting, literature, theater and dance.

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